Badminton Shoes 2019/20 SeasonBadminton may have originated as a gentleman’s form of tennis and risen to popularity as a pleasant middle-class, backyard activity, but recent years have seen the sport rise to new heights of competitiveness. With the luxury of being able to be played either indoors or outdoors, more people than ever are discovering what makes this game so entertaining.

However, like with most sports, badminton comes with its own set of equipment that must be carefully selected to ensure top quality play. While most people are familiar with the pieces of equipment that are most active at eye-level–the racquet and shuttlecock–many might overlook the importance of footwear.
This would be a grave mistake as badminton is far more reliant on the player’s ability to make short bursts of movement with maximal speed and agility. As such, the best badminton shoes accommodate those needs.

Unfortunately, it can be difficult to determine what shoes are the best–especially since different players and different settings call for different shoes. That is why we have put together a list of the 5 best badminton shoes for different purposes as well as a helpful buyer’s guide so you can feel confident you are making an informed choice.

Best Badminton Shoes 2019/20 Season, Top 5 for Men and Women (New Review)

Good badminton shoes are important for superior performances on the badminton court. As tennis players wear tennis shoes, while soccer players wear cleats. The main purpose is to add traction on the ground as they run and avoid injury to the feet. The legs and back undergo a lot of stress on the court, but the ankles and feet go through additional stress as you run, jump or turn. In this post, you will come to know the right information to answer the questions: where to buy badminton shoes? what kind of shoes are for badminton?

Asics Men’s GEL-Rocket – Best Concrete Court Badminton Shoe for Men

ASICS Men's Gel-Rocket 8 Volleyball Shoe, Black/Black/White,...
  • Forefoot GEL Cushioning System (COURT): Attenuates shock during impact...
  • Trusstic System Technology: Reduces the weight of the sole unit while...

Our first product comes from the Asics line, a brand well-renowned for their cross-trainers and running shoes but who have not yet earned the recognition they deserve in the badminton arena. That is truly a shame, because Asics has actually captured 2 positions on our list and both of them are based on the court on which you play. If your play style is less of a factor, then the court you play on will become one of the primary concerns when making a decision.

This Asics is our best outdoor court shoe. The primary reason for such has to do exclusively with its outer sole. While a number of shoes on our list feature hard rubber, the preferred material for outdoor courts, the Gel-Rocket 8 are the only shoe to provide a correspondingly deep enough tread for that to be as meaningful as it could.

Unfortunately, this shoe does come with a number of caveats–especially in regards to stability and responsiveness. The uppers are made out of mesh without any synthetic additions. While your feet may be more comfortable and breathe easier, there is not support offered. Furthermore, the 8’s shank features a hard plate on the outer sole–rather than in the midsole like some other product–which reduces your responsiveness.

  • Hard rubber soles will stand up to the rigors of outdoor play
  • Deep tread will provide durable traction on grass or concrete
  • The forefoot gel technology provides additional cushion on the harder outdoor surfaces
  • The completely mesh upper may provide excellent breathability, but it does nothing to offer support
  • The Trusstic outer sole system will reduce some responsiveness, though offer more support
  • The toes–both the upper and the traction–will wear out quicker than the rest of the shoe

Yonex Men’s Indoor Shoe – Best Front Court Badminton Shoes

YONEX SHB 02 Limited Men's Indoor Shoe Red/Black (9)
  • These badminton shoes are a perfect balance between comfort,...
  • Upper Materials: P.U Leather Polyester Mesh Durable Skin
  • Midsole Materials: Tough Brid Light Power Cushion
  • Outsole Materials: Rubber
  • Color: Red

Yonex is a well-known brand in the badminton shoes market. In fact, Yonex has earned a well-deserved reputation for producing top-quality shoes for a number of lesser-played court sports, including squash. With that experience, the Yonex offers a few features that are specifically designed to improve a badminton player’s performance above all other sports and products on our list.

First, this is the only shoe on our list to feature the hexagonal tread design that is the most common type of tread design on the top-tier badminton shoes. Moreover, the Yonex is also the only shoe on our list to offer the lateral claw feature which provides additional support during lateral movements and even provides a point of leverage for you to push off from and generate more power. In this regard, the Yonex can easily be seen as an ideal shoe for front court players.

However, all of those features placing a premium on movement have to give up something. In this case, the Yonex sacrifices stability. First, the arch support is less than ideal. Even if you have normal arches, you might find these shoes to be a bit too flat for a perfect fit. Furthermore, this shoe features one of the lowest cuts on our list, requiring your ankles be in tip top shape or risk rolling more than with other models.

  • Provides the most lateral stability, in part due to its lateral claw–the only product on our list with that feature
  • One of the better fitting shoes due to its asymmetrical design
  • The only shoes on our list to provide hexagonal traction–the design made specifically for badminton play
  • Not great arch support–especially for players with high arches
  • One of the lowest cut shoes on our list and will provide the least amount of ankle support
  • The cushion is not nearly as impact absorbing as some of the other products on our list

adidas Men’s Crazyflight Bounce Shoe – Best Backcourt Badminton Shoes

Our first adidas might be seen as the complete opposite of the Yonex. In fact, the focus of this shoe is so diametrically opposed to the Yonex that it has been named our best badminton shoe for backcourt players. However, a quick look at its design will explain why.

First, this shoes provides the fullest tread out of any on our list. Since backcourt players are required to make longer sprints that the front court, that means their shoes must push off with more surface than would a front court player’s. As such, that additional tread covering the entire outer sole serves them well. Moreover, the uppers are made from synthetic and mesh materials, providing adequate breathability with a bit more support. Finally, the shank of the outer sole is a filled rubber tread which will provide more traction when making a quick burst across court.

Unfortunately, this shoe is better served outdoors than indoors due to its hard rubber outer sole. However, backcourt players can often get away with hard rubber outer soles easier than front court players cna. Another possible concern is that the cut is a bit low for the backcourt, where a touch more ankle support would be preferred. Finally, these shoes run a bit smaller than their size indicates which can lead to a tight fit.
  • A good mix of synthetic and mesh upper materials offers breathability and support
  • A full outer sole herringbone traction is plenty for the back court
  • A filled, rubber shank provides additional traction for longer cross court runs
  • A hard rubber sole will not grip indoor courts nearly as well as a gum rubber sole
  • A shallow cut provides little ankle support
  • The shoes run small which reduces the quality of their fit

adidas Men’s Barricade Club Tennis Shoe – Best Slamming Badminton Shoes

adidas Performance Men's Barricade Club Tennis Shoe,...
  • Lightweight air mesh upper for maximum breathability
  • Abrasion-resistant Adituff wraps around the toe and medial forefoot to...
  • 360-degree TPU support foil for durability in key abrasion areas and...
  • Lightweight EVA midsole; 3D Torsion provides adaptive midfoot support
  • Full-length Adiprene+ for comfort and superior cushioning at impact;...

Our second adidas is designed for use on the front court, but it requires a specific type of player to get the most out of them. In particular, these are excellent badminton shoes if you are an aggressive player who enjoys driving devastating overhand slams into your opponent. In this regard, the adidas has placed all focus into this above all else.

With a low-mid cut hybrid, these shoes offer the most ankle support to protect you once land after your leaping slam. However, that is not the only impact protective feature of these shoes as the Barricade’s also provide a large air unit running down the middle of the outer sole. This not only cushions your landing, but it also provides a bit of bounce during liftoff as well. With an extra large pivot and special attraction for the forefoot pivot, these shoes are practically designed for flying through the air.
Sadly, all of this focus on power and stability must come from somewhere. For the Barricade, this power requires a reduction of speed. This is easily the heaviest shoe on our list–almost 30 percent heavier than the lightest. Moreover, this shoe features a hard rubber outer sole, which will limit its traction–and thus agility–on indoor courts.
  • The hybrid low-mid cut provides the most ankle support out of any product on our list
  • The large central air unit in the outer sole is ideal for absorbing impact after a leaping, crushing slam
  • Additional, multi-direction pivot traction and support is perfect for a strong slam setup
  • The heaviest shoe on our list will drag slightly more than the other products reviewed
  • Hard rubber soles are not ideal for indoor court play
  • A textile and synthetic upper would be better served with a mesh and synthetic upper.

Asics Men’s – Best Indoor Court Badminton Shoe

It may be a surprise to those familiar with the badminton world, but our top rated badminton shoe for indoor court play is not a Yonex. It is an Asics. However, the reason why is simple: the Asics is the only shoe on our list to feature an outer sole made entirely of gum rubber. This material choice will allow the Asics to offer more traction on indoor courts than any other shoe on our list.

Another advantage the Asics has over every shoe–not just the Yonex–is that it is the lightest shoe on our list. This will allow you to move with quicker speed and better agility than the other products we reviewed. Moreover, some of the other features allow this shoe to serve effectively at the front or backcourt.

Unfortunately, being a jack of trades for playing styles means this shoe is a master of none. This shows up most prominently with the conspicuous absence of a hexagonal traction pattern, which would be better for indoor courts. Moreover, the additional pivot traction as well as the rearfoot GEL cushion offer a nice mix of features but prevent this shoe from truly specializing in any style of play.

  • The lightest shoe on our list will allow the quickest movements
  • The gum rubber sole is perfect for indoor court play
  • The mix of features on this shoe technically allow it to serve as a hybrid style of play shoe
  • Hexagonal traction would be better for indoor play than herringbone
  • The synthetic and fabric uppers do not get as good of a trade-off between support and breathability as a synthetic and mesh material would
  • The additional pivot traction and rearfoot GEL cushioning are better for front court players
Asics Men’s GEL-Rocket 8
(Editor’s Choice)
Best Badminton shoes brand Check Price
Yonex SHB 02 Limited Men’s Indoor ShoeBest Yonex Mens Badminton Shoes Check Price
adidas Men’s Crazyflight Bounce Volleyball ShoeBest Badminton shoes for wide feet Check Price
adidas Men’s Barricade Club Tennis ShoeBest lightweight Badminton shoes Check Price
Asics Men’s Gel-DominionBest Badminton court shoes Check Price

Top 5 Badminton Shoes for Women Table

ASICS Women’s Gel Rocket 8
(Editor’s Choice)
Best Badminton shoes for beginners Check Price
Mizuno Women’s Wave Lightning RX3Best Ultra-light Badminton shoes Check Price
New Balance Women’s WL515 SneakerBest Budget Badminton shoes (Best Price) Check Price
Mizuno Women’s Wave Lightning Z3Best women's indoor Badminton shoes Check Price
Yonex Aerus 2 LXBest Badminton shoes for hitters Check Price

ASICS Women’s Gel-Rocket – best shoes for hitters

ASICS Women's Gel-Rocket 8 Volleyball Shoe,...
  • Forefoot GEL Cushioning System (COURT): Attenuates shock during impact...
  • Trusstic System Technology: Reduces the weight of the sole unit while...

ASICS does it again with its GEL-Rocket 8 series Badminton shoes. If you are a woman Badminton player, the women’s version of the Gel-Rocket 8 might be a viable choice for you. The shoe is relatively light (weigh about 9.5 oz.) and comes in different color combinations.

Different proprietary shoe technologies have been incorporated into the shoe to enhance court grip, comfort, and foot protection.

The midsole promotes better balance and stability by providing a low to the ground feel. Seams and overlays are also minimized due to the design of the upper. ASICS Gel Rocket 8 shoe comes with a stylish design and is the go-to shoe for most recreational Badminton players. ASICS believes in promoting total health and fitness to create a happy and healthy lifestyle.

ASICS is the pioneer in performance-driven athletic shoes, sports apparel, and accessories. ASICS Gel Rocket 8 Badminton Shoe was designed as a multi-court shoe for the athletes who makes a leap, lands and conducts quick lateral movements.

Best Badminton shoes for ankle braces has gel cushioning in both the forefoot and rearfoot to absorb shock from vigorous jumping and landing. As with other ASICS shoes, it has a wide foot which is perfect for wide footed players. However, this doesn’t mean players with narrow feet are disadvantaged as there are small versions of the same.

If you want exceptional shoes that are exclusively designed to make you comfortable and energized throughout the game, then Asics gel rocker shoes are what you need. Just make sure that you choose the right size that fits precisely.

  • Shoes make perfect fit with the help of convenient lacing system
  • They have durable construction that will serve you for a long time
  • The rubber sole is thick and flexible and doesn’t restrict movements of the feet
  • The upper is made if lightweight and breathable material that prevent sweating and overheating
  • Special gel cushioning is shock absorbing
  • Insoles provides great support
  • Bottoms are not slippery
  • Sizing may be an issue for some users

Mizuno Women’s Wave Lightning RX3 – Best lightweight

Mizuno Women's Wave Lightning RX3-W, Black/Pink, 9.5 M US
  • New and improved seamless upper provides lighter and improved fit
  • Mizuno
  • 9.5
  • Black/Pink

The Mizuno Women’s Wave Lightning RX3 is a high-performance shoe that uses the best technologies that Mizuno has to offer. The shoe is perfect for recreational and professional level players. The Parallel Wave Technology incorporated into the shoe helps in dispersing shock throughout the sole. This allows for a lightweight cushioning and enhanced stability.

Additionally, the midsole of the inner sole is enhanced to allow the feet to stay in the natural position. Mizuno further offers Dynamotion fit technology which makes the fitting natural; it also reduces stress on the feet. The Dynamotion groove technology makes the shoes more flexible and allows users to bend and play aggressively. The shoes come in a variety of different colors too.

The extra grade rubber feels like a layer of protective coating or glaze, and the traction might not seem to be the best. But once the shoes are broken in, the shoes offer excellent traction. However, one needs to keep in mind that different surfaces create different experiences and the outsole’s response varies as per the playing surfaces.

Wave Lightning RX3 is nevertheless worth every penny you spend on.

  • Ventilated to reduce heat and wetness
  • Ankle support
  • Stylish and attractive
  • True fitting
  • The shoes are relatively expensive

New Balance Women’s WL515 Sneaker – Best women’s indoor badminton shoes

New Balance Women's 515 Fashion Sneaker, Grey, 5 B US
  • Removable insole
  • Do not machine wash or dry
  • Clean outside with cool water and mild detergent
  • Remove insert and air dry
  • Never expose to intense heat or hot vehicles

The new balance classic women’s sneakers come in two different colors along with many features that make the product a good buy. The synthetic material is to make the shoes more rigid than ever allowing players to play an aggressive game along with being comfortable. Not only is the material synthetic, but the innersoles are also manufactured, and they are removable.

The insole is EVA and is color coded for the right place of stress for the sole. The shoes provide balance and control in the game because of their design. They are made in sneaker form, so they cover and protect the ankles from injuries too. They are designed to stay the same throughout the first and last wear and do not stretch.

  • Material makes the shoes more rigid
  • Players can put soles of their own choice too
  • The inner soles are synthetic and color coded
  • The insole is EVA
  • Outer sole grip is weak

Mizuno Women’s Wave Lightning Z3 – Best cushioned badminton shoes

Mizuno Women's Wave Lighting Z3 Volleyball...
  • Parallel wave plate
  • Non-marking outsole
  • Mizuno intercool
  • Dynamotion fit
  • 8.8 oz. Air mesh. D-flex groove. Anatomical cupinsole

The Mizuno Wave Lightning Z3 is very similar to the Mizuno Wave Lightning Z2, except bigger and better—the Z3 is the next step up and has been updated with exciting new technologies that the Z2 does not feature. The Z3 is the lightest shoe in the line. The biggest change from the Z2 to the Z3 is the upper: the upper section of the Z3 has been updated with mesh, synthetic, and more. The shoe also features exciting additions such as Parallel Wave technology in the outsole to help with stability, Dynamotion Groove to make the shoe more flexible, and a Sensorpoint suspension system to increase support.

Mizuno Intercool ventilation system reduces heat and humidity build-up inside the shoe during play.

Dura-Shield toe guard on the front part protects from damage caused by dragging your foot during serving and play. The Dynamotion Fit technology minimizes the foot’s natural distortion on the shoe for a perfect fit. The Anatomical Cup-In-Sol should keep your feet comfortable at all times

The shoe is designed with a signature light weight midsole material for enhanced rebound and a better jump when striking or hitting. This feature will keep you agile and swift throughout the game.

The Mizuno Wave Lightning Z3 is a great shoe with only a few drawbacks: it runs small, it’s uncomfortable out of the box, and despite the XG rubber, it doesn’t have great traction. However, in every other category the Z3 knocks the ball out of the park. It has wonderful stability because of the Parallel Wave Technology, the connected Sensorpoint suspension system, and the Anatomical Cup-In-Sole. Mizuno Intercool and AIRMesh provide great ventilation that runs the length of the midsole. Finally, the Z3 is extra responsive because of Dynamotion Groove and the D-Flex Groove. The best part? You get all of this for a low price. Keep the Z3 in mind for your future road racing shoe as it would be a great choice.
  • Lightweight textile and synthetic body
  • Good lateral motion
  • High-traction outsole
  • Inexpensive
  • Flexible rubber sole
  • High-traction outsole
  • The Z3 is said to run small, which has created confusion and discomfort for some buyers

Yonex Aerus 2 LX – Best women’s badminton shoes for beginners

The Yonex Aerus Women’s shoes are primarily designed for female badminton players that want a game with natural control over their feet along with style. These shoes come in different colors for vibrancy. Fabric and leather are mixed to make a durable body for the shoes; added is the double Russell mesh for breathability against all the odds.

The hyper Ms Lite technology makes the shoes 10% lighter than other shoes; this feature makes the feet feel as natural as possible. The power cushion supports weight balancing movements which help in increasing the speed. The sole is EVA and provides more comfort than any other sole. The high-quality midsole ensure that these shows promote the feet acquires their natural position.

  • Power cushion allows weight balancing in a controlled way​
  • Double Russel Mesh provides ventilation
  • MsLite technology makes the shoes lighter
  • Midsole allows the feet to keep their natural shape
  • The outer sole can leave scratch marks
  • The shoes may get damaged easily because leather is not sweat proof

Badminton Shoes Buyer’s GuideBest Badminton Shoes 2019/20 Season: How To Select The Right

Badminton Shoes 2019/20 SeasonWhile various types of tennis shoes have a number of features in common, shoes that are best for highly competitive badminton play are surprisingly specific in their needs. Regardless the type of player you are or your skill level, there are three primary concerns when choosing badminton shoes: speed, support, and agility.

However, different shoes provide different levels of each of these three key factors. Moreover, different shoes will approach addressing each factor in their own way. There is a dizzying amount of technology that goes into tennis shoes in general and badminton shoes in particular.

Here, we will walk you through some of the main consideration to keep in mind as well as point out what can be helpful but is not necessary. Furthermore, we will look at auxilliary factors that should influence which type of shoe you purchase.

Outer Sole (Stability and Grip)

This is arguably the most important factor to consider when selecting badminton shoes. Considering the sport demands a premium of lightning fast reactions that involve more lateral movements than most other sports, your outer sole must be able to keep up with the intense demands that you will inevitably place on it.

However, the construction and materials of the outer sole will vary a bit depending on what you intend to do on the court and what type of court you are playing on. The four most common court types are: grass, concrete, and wood or polyurethane. Grass and concrete courts are generally for outdoor play, while wood and polyurethane courts are generally indoors.

Thankfully, you can group the two outdoor courts and the two indoor courts together when choosing badminton shoes, so all shoes offer some versatility. The main consideration with the outer sole in regards to whether you are playing on an indoor or outdoor court has to do with the materials.
Indoor courts require a softer rubber to better grip the floor as you dart along the court. Ideally, indoor court badminton shoe outer soles will be made from gum rubber. Conversely, gum rubber is too soft for outdoor courts and will wear quickly.

That is why when you are playing on an outdoor court, your outer sole should be made from a harder rubber material. This will allow the outer sole to still provide the traction necessary while not rubbing off due to friction quite so quickly.
Another difference in the preferred outer soles between indoor and outdoor courts has to do with the traction. While a plethora of traction designs exist, this will be more relevant depending on your play style. However, the depth of the traction tread will be more or less favorable to different courts.

Aside from needing to be tougher materials, outdoor courts will also require deeper tread. This allows the shoes to accommodate the imperfect court surface and further provide more durability and a longer lifespan for the badminton shoes.

However, for indoor courts, deep trad ultimately provide less traction. Ideally, the tread of indoor badminton shoes will make contact with as much of the court’s surface as possible while still providing enough tread to grip during quick, lateral movements.

Midsole (Cushion)

While not quite as important as the outer sole, the midsole comes in a close second. This is the part of the shoe most responsible for your shoe’s fit and its responsiveness to rapid changes in direction. This is the part of the shoe that will also house your primary form of cushioning.

Together, all of these features will help determine your agility through movement as well as the wear and tear you do to your body in the course of play. The cushion of the midsole will often be designed to provide a snug fit, utilizing ergoshape designs, as well as sufficient shock absorption, often from a Powercushion or some other feature, including air units.

Midsoles can be made from a wide range of materials–each focusing on either fit or impact reduction to different degrees–but ethylene-vinyl acetate, EVA, and polyurethane, PU, are the two most common. However, some of the more advanced midsoles will actually provide numerous layers of different materials, each serving a different function and contributing to a more well-rounded product.


Regardless the court, regardless your playing style–regardless all other factors considered–the weight of your badminton shoes is a vital quality to be assessed. Thankfully, there is a general rule of thumb when it comes to weight and badminton shoes: the lighter the better.

Because badminton is more focused on rapid, lateral movements and less focused on extended sprints, the speed and agility of your steps becomes more important than ultimate stability. Whereas basketball shoes need to consider the stability of design more, badminton shoes need to favor speed and agility above all else.


The insole will either be ignored completely or lavished with attention. There are few points of middle ground when it comes to this part of the badminton shoe. In fairness, the shoes that ignore the insole altogether place an exceedingly high priority on the midsole to ensure all the qualities those two parts address are covered.

Regardless, if the insole is paid any attention, it will be designed for a few characteristics, names cushion, fit, and responsiveness. Of the three, responsiveness is the quality that will generally be highlighted the most in an insole and will be designed to prevent your foot from sliding inside of the shoe as you make quick, lateral movements.

The cushion of an insole will rarely be thick enough to matter, though it may utilize some form of shock absorbing material. The insole will also generally affect the fit less than the midsole will, but a thick insole could force the shoes to run a bit small.


The uppers are important for two primary reasons: stability and breathability. Unfortunately, these two factors are often at odds with one another, where the more stable uppers are the less breathable and vice versa.

While design and construction will have definitive impact on how stable or breathable your badminton shoes are, the ultimate quality that will determine the stability vs breathability battle will be the uppers’ material.


Considering the badminton will favor speed and agility over stability, you will never find a badminton shoe with a high top cut. In fact, the overwhelming majority of badminton shoes favors a low top cut.

However, there is a lot of wiggle room with this quality, and it will really depend on what you need.
Some badminton shoes eschew support altogether and provide an ultra low top cut. However, there are also badminton shoes out there that provide either a mid top cut or a hybrid low-mid top cut. These shoes will provide varying degrees of ankle support while still allowing you to dart around the court.


Where you play on the court and your style of play will heavily influence which badminton shoe is right for you. Keep in mind, this consideration has nothing to do with the quality of the shoes themselves, but instead factors into the decision of what features are most relevant.

For instance, front court players will often require a higher premium on lateral movement than players in the back of the court. Of course, due to the nature of the game of badminton, all positions require above average lateral agility, but front court moreso.

However, even on the front court, there can be differences in the style of play which may move your decision towards one product or another. For example, if you are an exceptionally aggressive player who revels in delivering crushing overhand slams, you will want a shoe that provides additional cushion and impact response.

Regardless, all front court players require more responsive shoes with a larger pivot point than backcourt players do. However, this requires the front court players to give up some stability and support in pursuit of speed and agility.

Conversely, backcourt players will generally want shoes that offer more support and are better suited to the longer distances they are required to sprint. These shoes will generally place a premium on fit so that the longer bursts are as efficient as possible. Moreover, backcourt players will want their impact protection to be more diffuse, offering protection across the whole shoe, rather than focused on the landing point after a jump.

Lateral Claw

While this feature is not an absolute necessity, it does provide an additional degree of lateral support that anyone whose shoes have it appreciate. The lateral claw should be located on the lateral forefoot, right where the fifth metatarsal connects to the lateral cuneiform bone. This feature will generally come with 2 to 4 rigid supports extending upward from the edge of the outer sole.
The lateral claw provides a point of horizontal pivot. Aside from offering support, this pivot point also allows you to generate power and move laterally at a quicker pace.


What are the best badminton shoes for outdoors?

The primary factor in deciding what a pair of shoes are intended for is the outsole build. If an outsole is made from gum rubber, it is best suited for the indoor space. Its properties associate with the surfaces, affording the user increased grip and traction. The best outdoor shoes would be those comprised of other rubberized components and compounds. The gum rubber also attracts debris, making it a prime candidate for routine maintenance, which could cause the outdoors a headache. With that being said, anything other than gum rubber makes for the proper outdoor usage.

What are the best badminton shoes for hard court?

This question was answered with the first inquiry, but we’ll detail why gum rubber is better for indoor surfaces. Most indoor surfaces are treated with a particular substance in the wax, the way they are cleaned, and other such comparisons. Gum rubber creates increased friction when striking this surface, allowing the user to stop and go with ease. It also increases the grip on the surface, reducing sliding and slippage.

What are the best badminton shoes with cushion?

Cushioning is always a critical component to add to the badminton inclusion list. This question is best answered on a preference basis when it comes to the insole. Most prefer memory foam. Others prefer a gel-based insole. Some prefer to be handed a calculated prescription from the foot doctor. None of these answers are wrong, and all make a fitting inclusion to the shoe. You always want to strive for increased, lightweight padding at the insertion point. This relates directly to the proper lockdown of the foot. The midsole can also emit some cushioning, which again reverts to the preference discussion.

What are the best badminton shoes for ankle support?

The properties of a shoe that provides increased ankle support starts with the heel cup. The heel cup is known as the area where your foot rests in the boot. It should fit snug, and it should surround the sides of your heel and ankle with some padding. If your foot falls into place, almost as if it were a pocket for your foot, then you have found a model with increased ankle support. Other ankle support measures with being a covering that rises at least halfway up the ankle, an encompassing tongue that wraps around the front of the foot, and other such holding and placement devices.

What are the best badminton shoes for beginners?

When it comes to footwear for beginners, you don’t need all the fancy bells and whistles. You need solid support in the cushioning category. You want the foot to feel comfortable and supported, no matter your level of play. You also want to begin to adopt the right form, so a mesh, fabric, or other such lighter material build is fitting. The novice user still has a lot to learn in the footwork category, so a forgiving fabric is matching. A solid outsole is also something that doesn’t provide for a wrong starting point. This can be upgraded to the thin layer as the play progresses and advances.

What are the best badminton shoes for wooden court?

Since hardwood is treated explicitly for the activity at-hand, prescribing wooden court shoes can be difficult. If this surface is untreated and rough, you want to start by addressing the outsole. Thick extensions that highlight the pressure points of the foot are a proper starting point. This covers the bases into push-off, landing, and pivoting. The outsole links directly to your movement, so a thick one to combat the force of an unknown surface is a proper start. You also want to utilize the reinforced fabric with the build. You don’t know if there are increased abrasion risks, so better to be safe than sorry.


As we can see, there really is not a “best badminton shoe.” Whichever shoe is right for you will factor on a number of different things. The court you play on and your style of play will ultimately force you to gravitate towards one type of shoe or another.

For instance, if you play most of your games outdoors, you are going to want to get the Asics Men’s GEL-Rocket 7’s. Conversely, if you find yourself playing indoors on a wood or polyurethane court, you are better off going with Asics’ other model on our list, the GEL-Upcourt Indoor Courts.

Similarly, if you are a backcourt player, the adidas Performance Men’s Ligra 4 are the shoe for you, while players who stick to the front court will be better served with the Yonex Men’s Pro Cushion SHB-02 MX’s, However, even front court players have a decision to make as players with an aggressive still will likely prefer adidas’ second product on our list, the Performance Men’s Barricade Club, due to its focus on shock absorption and pivot control.

Regardless, wherever you play, however you play, there is a shoe out there that is the best badminton shoe–it just will not be the best badminton shoe for everyone else. Ultimately, you need to consider all of the factors–both about yourself and the shoe–to figure out which one is right for you.

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