Foosball TableFoosball table game or also called mini soccer is the most exciting and tense game. This foosball table game is inspired by the football or soccer game which was invented by Alexandre Campos Ramírez. He invented the game for the kids who were injured in Spanish war and were not able to play football.

There are many names of this table game some people called it the fuzzball game or some called it foosball game. The game is very common in the USA and European countries however it is also getting fame in Asian countries as well.

The whole dependency of this game is on its table which will act as a ground and a mini soccer-style ball will run towards goal on this ground. So, there are some important points to choose the best foosball table for your home or bars, etc. Let’s discuss the types of foosball table first

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Best Choice Products 48in Competition Sized Soccer Foosball Table w/ 2 Balls, 2 Cup Holders for Home, Game Room, Arcade
  • VERSATILE 48-INCH GAME SET: Competition-sized foosball table brings fun to any setting, perfect for home game rooms, arcades, and other entertainment areas
  • PLAYER-FRIENDLY DESIGN: Features 8 rows to allow 4 rows per team, 11 red players and 11 white players, as well as a cup holder on each end to stay hydrated when competition heats up
  • ERGONOMIC HANDLES: Rod bars have comfortable grips to better control the ball (2 balls included) as it slides on the smooth, friction-less surface for that game winning goal
  • DURABLE COMPOSITION: Game room classic is crafted with sturdy composite wood and chrome-finished steel rods to keep the table functioning for years to come
  • OVERALL DIMENSIONS: 48"(L) x 24"(W) x 33"(H)

1. Stand Alone foosball table

This type of table as the name suggests stands on its own. You need to place this table where ever you want and can set its balance by the levelers used on its legs. This table is usually used for the teens, adults or professional players. The size of such types of tables is bigger about 55″.

These tables are comparatively heavy and more expensive than other types of tables. It’s upon you that if you need the table for bars then these are the best table for such purposes.

2. Tabletop foosball game

This type of foosball table doesn’t have legs. You need to place it on a table or you can make a specific stand. There is not a big difference of quality between tabletop type and stand-alone type. But these types of tables are less expensive and specially made for kids or beginners.

3. Multi-table game

Such types of tables are also called 3 in 1 game table or 4 in 1 depending upon the there package. You can remove the rods from such tables and can play other games like chess, hockey, backgammon etc. These types of tables may have different quality and are neither expensive nor cheap.

After discussing all of these different genres of foosball tables, next step is you have to check which table is in your budget. Usually, Tornado foosball tables are considered most expensive foosball tables in the market but they are also best in quality and durability as well.

The game setup is very easy you can even learn from the user’s manuals which will be available with each table. The setup of the table may take 1 to2 hours but once you have installed all the parts of the table then you can start playing.

But be careful while assembling and before that read the assembly instructions with the duly attention otherwise you might have to face seriously damaging consequences.

There are usually 2 types of setup. 1 goalie or 3 goalie setup if your table will support both types of setup then it will have steps on its manuals as well.

You just need to see that the table should have MDF standard and must be in your budget before buying any foosball table. For the sake of the guidance of enthusiasts, we have selected some of the top-notch foosball tables.

Best Choice Products 48″ Foosball Table

The 48” foosball table is absolutely perfect for both kids and adults. They will have plenty of hours of fun in pursuit of the tittle of table soccer champ!

I really love to play Foosball at home with my family. I always keep all updates about the best Foosball table brands and latest inventions of every brand. I am going to share with you about a soccer Foosball table which will be best for the family game room. In Best Choice Products 48″ Foosball Table review, you will get all positive and required points for your best table football game.

The old is gold. The table is simply beautiful because of its exterior natural wood color. This natural wood color adds some extra beauty to your game room. And people choose this table only for the modern features with the old color. It has an appealing look with this color in any room.

The whole table is structured with medium density fiberboard (MDF). All parts are made of quality materials. It conveys chrome-plated steel rods. Two cup holders including one in each corner. You may fold these holders if you do not need. The handles provide easy and flexible grip to control the ball perfectly. Each team is managed with 11 players. In one word, you will get this table well-constructed and classical to play.

The table size is not too big not to adjust to your game room. The length of the table is 47 inches, width is 24 inches and height is 33 inches. The weight is only 42 pounds. It is quite light and easy to move one to another place. And the size is perfect for any game room or living room.

The table is constructed of medium density fiberboard. These are authentic board. Individually, all parts are sustainable with their own quality which make the table unspoiled for a long time. Chrome finished steel rods, board quality, friction free playing surface, handles, two balls etc. all are full of rich quality materials. These ensure the durability of the table. I have kept here many other Foosball table reviews for your betterment. You will get this one more acceptable for its reasonable price with the best quality materials.


  • Smooth, frictionless MDF playing surface for an enjoyable and competitive game
  • Cup holders
  • Stainless steel rods with rubber handles for superb control
  • Sturdy, durable and compact design
  • Optimum performance
  • Lack leg levelers

If you are looking for a foosball table for your home and you prize affordability and reliability over most other aspects, you will not be disappointed by this offering from Best Choice Products. We hope that our review has helped you in making your decision about purchasing a foosball table.

EA Sports 56″

If your rec room has EA 56″ foosball table. your friends and family members will have the best time to spend while playing Foosball game. The assembly is easy and teens withstand for prolonging session of gaming without any problem.

We can play a game for hours and hours. With the easily spinnable 5/8″ chrome plated rods having manually painted players, durability is ensured for countless years.

This table is provided with 4 levelers of 5″ which level up the table and keep it in place. Such a grip enables us to smash the soccer forcefully without a fear that table will lose its balance.

With the 26 players, the great hurdles can be generated to let other players to goal and every action can be tracked as it has bead scoring System which works incredibly.

This is the best foosball Table with the optimal stability and durability. As EA Sports 56″ has full panel leg supports and a solid top rail playfield of MDF, so, this is categorized as the top-ranked durable and beautifully crafted. If we look at its dimensions, it is 56-inches of length, 28.75-inches of width, and 34.5-inches of height.

EA Sports 56″ is 92lbs of total weight and made up of MDF, PVC, and Aluminum. Last but not the least, the product is furnished with all the credential accessories like 2 soccer balls and other compulsories.

Warrior Foosball table

Warrior foosball table is considered as one of the best foosball tables with a 1-year warranty and hollow steel rods.The table has a complete laminate surface which will act as a resistance against any scratch.

One of the best thing about this table is its lightweight. Usually, we don’t fix foosball table at one place permanently and with the change of weather, we also change their places. So, moving this board from one place to another is quite easy.

MDF construction has been used with this table which means this table will provide extra durability and strong legs grip even if you are playing very fast.

The gameplay on this table is very smooth and fast. Its surface is full of fluidity which means the ball will run smoothly on the lower surface of this table. The handgrip of the rod is very comfortable and also secured with unique guard system for the safety of players. The space between rods is enough that you will get much time to punch back while playing the game.

This foosball table has adjustable leg levelers. So It’s not necessary that you have to find the balanced or flat surface for this table you can just place this anywhere you want and from there you can adjust its balance. A rubber surface is surrounded on each foot so that this table can remain stick in its place while playing the game.

This table will come with 3 balls, 2 extra men, and 2 extra bearings. A lube for rods is also available with this table. So with these extra things and a smooth surface this table is going to be the best foosball table for regular players.

Kick Triumph 55″ foosball table

The new kick triumph 55″ foosball table has arrived in the market with a lifetime warranty. Its solid design, a high-quality wood material is used which resist against termite and will never lose its grace even using for years.

As the name suggests it is a 55″ table with a dimension of 55″L X 30″ W X  36″H. The lubricant used in the rods of this table is totally friction-less and will be easy to strike and move.

This table is especially for foosball enthusiasts with 2 chrome plated cup holder. So you can have coffee or tea while playing a game for the relaxation. A metal edging is used on this table for ball carrying.

The table has a number of features which include 5″ leg levelers with rubberized bottoms so that the table can easily lay on a flat surface with a strong grip. Its rods are made up of semi-solid steal with a chrome plated layer. The handle of the rods is very soft and are designed for a strong grip.

The table comes with 2 premium foosballs and 2 soccer style foosballs. The table can be set as you want as 1 goalie or 3 goalie mode. You will get 13,13 blue and red counter balance foosball men and a set of 26 uninformed men.

Its rods handles are wooden and have caps for safety. The good thing about this foosball table is you will also get a complete kit for 1 goalie including corner ramps and rod stoppers.

Its ground surface is very smooth and sturdy which will give an extra speed to foosball while playing. The company explains that this table is for professional foosball player becasue it gives an extra level of difficulty while playing.

So, kids can’t play with this table or if they want to play then they should use soccer-style balls with fewer Men.

Overall, its lifetime warranty and stalwart design have made this table most reliable  foosball table in the market.

American Legend Charger Foosball table

American legend foosball table is the cheapest and sturdiest table, which is specially made for beginners and kids. The material used on this table has an MDF standard with 5/8″ thick apron. Its apron makes this table little heavier and durable.

Most of the foosball tables which are inexpensive have a very bad factor related to moisture absorbing. Due to which players try to avoid such tables becasue moisturizing will make the table weak as early as possible and will reduce the lifeline of the table. But the charger has a special feature with pressed wood to absorb the moisture.

So we can say that the handles of the rods are sweat proof as well. Its hollow rods are so light that even a kid of 7 years old can strike the ball straight to goal.

As for as its playfield concerns, it’s very smooth like marble which embellish the inner design of the table and gives a shiny look. The thickness of inner field is 3/16″ which is good for an intermediate foosball table.

Its legs are fully black and don’t have any levelers which will be a negative point in this table. So, due to the absence of the levelers, a player needs to find the flat surface for the table so that it can maintain its balance.

As this table is not so heavy like professional tables so you need to use some kind of catcher with its legs so that it can’t move while playing. If adults or teens will be playing on this table it will definitely disappoint them due to its movement. That is the reason that this table is called a foosball table for kids.

So, keeping the price in mind as this table is under 150 so I would say that its a good deal for kids and intermediate level players. You will get only 2 goalies 1 on each side   and will have everything with this table which is needed.

Eastpoint Preston Foosball table

Preston foosball table is the must-have table for the foosball game lovers. This is the cheap, durable and reliable product from the Eastpoint company. This is a 54″ foosball table having a combination of black and brown color.

Starting from its legs, which are black in color and have levelers as well. Usually, foosball tables which are under 150 don’t have levelers with them and they are considered as boards for kids or beginners. The material used on this table is of pure wood which is moisture proof and has a laminate surface.

The table has bead style goal counter which will help you to remember your goals even in the tense situation. Eastpoint special bushing system is used with the rods which gives them an extra slide while playing due to which you can play as fast as possible without losing the control over the rods. The rods are itself made up of steel which makes them attractive.

The playing field of the table is very responsive and resistance free so foosball will glide smoothly. The weight of the table is 94lbs which may leave a bad impact on players becasue such low weight tables can’t remain fixed in its place while adults are playing.

But you should not worry about its weight becasue its rubberized levelers will have a very strong grip on the floor that even a kick on the table can’t move it.

The dimension of Preston foosball table is 54 X 29.5 X 34.5 inches which means you can place it anywhere in your house. You will get 2 foosballs and a complete set of MENs made up of strong plastic with this cheap foosball table.

Kick Fantasy 48″

In the list of best foosball tables, another name comes to our mind which is Kich Fantasy 48″ foosball table. Which is affordable and adorable with its features. The table has a completely white color with attractive inner-field which is fully green.

Although the size of the table is not according to the modern-day foosball tables, if you are gonna buy this table for kids or home users then it would be a great choice.

The table has semi-solid steel rods with 8 handles and 8 caps.The lubricant and bushing used in these rods just need a touch of the hand to hit the soccer style foosball.Its inner field is 1/4″ thick which is standard thickness for any foosball table.

Kick fantasy 48″ foosball table has 2″ sturdy leg levelers as well. So you can place and set this table as you want. This table also has 2 sets of foosball players and both (1 and 3) goalie setup as well.The good thing about this table is that the front ball will return automatically from each side of the table.

There are 2 sets of beads counter (1 on each side) to count the points of the players.You will also get 2 soccer style foosballs as well with this table. The only thing which is not available with this table is the cup holder but this is not an issue because you can manually make a cup-holder on every foosball table.

The assembly of the players on this table is very quick and easy you don’t need any power tools to fix them. The package also includes a free Rod lubricant as well with this table.

So for such a low price, we are really getting what we really want. This foosball table is best in material quality, with a lifetime warranty.

Triumph Sweeper 48inch foosball table

It’s a natural thing that whenever any product with low price tag comes in market then the first ever thought come to our mind is that, the product may lack quality. Which is right to some extent but not a universal truth. The manufacturing companies always try to satisfy their customers including those who have a low budget.

Same is the case with soccer table or foosball table. Triumph sweeper 48in foosball table is another cheap but extraordinary table in our list of best foosball tables.This is a small size table which can be easily placed in every corner of the house or even at bars for kids as well.

This foosball table has an appealing and stylish look which will definitely fall you in love with this table and you will not stop playing on it.The build quality of the table is also very strinking.

The table is built with pure quality wood material and hollow steel rods. Rubber is used on the edges of the table to give it an extra look. The total size of the table is 55 inch and 48 inches is dedicated for inner-field.

The big difference between this table and other foosball tables is, this table doesn’t have beads for counting points. So, Instead of beads, a ribbon with (0 to 9 number printed on it) is used, so you need to move a rubbers cursor after every point of a goal to keep track of your points.

This feature is quite amazing becasue with the beads we sometimes lose the track of the points, so this is the best way to keep the update of the score.

You will get 2 soccer style foosballs with this table and a 13,13 set of players made up of solid plastic. The handles of the rods are chrome plated with rubbers on the top to give you a strong and ergonomic grip.

So, In such a low range of price ($105), this table is the best deal for kids and intermediate level foosball players with a standard dimension of 48L X24W X31H.

Harvil 56-Inches Beachcomber

We are rounding about best foosball tables, so, Harvil adds another aesthetically engineered soccer table renowned as 56-Inches Beachcomber. The steel rods having rust-resistant rubberized black handle shift a great gaming momentum into the game by offering less friction and smoother actions.

This table is beautifully designed using the sleek and solid wood material. To maximize resistance while wear and use, the playfield is covered with polyresin and screen-printed with cool and clean graphics. As the table has 4 feet, so, 4-levelers are there to balance it up at any places either smooth or rough.

With the thick legs and 138.85 pounds of total weight, the table remains firmly patched with the earth and does not stagger even after our immensely forceful smashes. But still not so heavy that two men are unable to lift it up and change its place.

Harvil Beachcomber is a product issued with all the accessories like it comes with 8 hand grips, 2 black and white soccer balls, silver abacus scoring units, solid and molded foosball men. Yeah, a manual guidebook is also included in the package which tells about the assembly.

Up till now, this is one of the best and most elegant foosball table having drink holders on the sideways which do not come in your way. So, at the end of the night, the product gives a complete entertaining session having shampain drink glasses in the cup holders and taking sips after each finishing.

The product is engineered for both professionals and starters. Hence, feel free to   play on this soccer table.

Atomic Eurostar

This Foosball table is basically designed for the beginners but the high-level players can enjoy the session as well. Yeah, the kids can also play but they can meet some bothers as this has little more height than its competitor tables. Overall, the aesthetic appearance is strongly appreciating.

The Atomic-Eurostar is manufactured using the MDF material which gives robustness and durability. Feel free to use it whatever the way you wish to use it. One thing which seems deficient is, it lacks the levelers due to which it is not compatible with all sorts of surfaces. You have to take care of the leveled place wherever you are gonna place it.

Foosball table comes with the hollow steel rods have soft-touch rubber octagonal handles. When we look onto the foosball men, they are like European Style Robo men, so, there is a diminutive chance of breaking of these men. Eventually, such a table is the best foosball table which outlasts for a greater time period.

For the beverage/shampain drinkers, there is good news as 4 cup holders are constructed on all the 4 corners. Simply, put your glass of water/beverage/shampain into the holder and keep on playing your game. And yes, with 114 pounds of weight and 5 1/4″ H-Shaped legs, the table remain in-place and does not shake or vibrate. This also makes sense, for the passionate and enthusiastic players, this would be the best choice.

The goals are of chrome steel and the scoring unit is of chrome bead manual sliding. Dimensions are like, length is 58.63″, width is 28.75″ , height is 34.5″. In order to make a conclusion, I would recommend this product to my friends and family members as this is the most durable and reliable one.

Hathway Playoff

This table has the best shape and ergonomically designed for the foosball’s enthusiasts. With the eye-catching graphics primitives, Hathway Playoff 4 feet Soccer table has been getting included into our list of best foosball tables.

The 0.5-inch chrome-plated steel rods have the rubberized black handles which give strong grip and are not injurious to our hands. Due to a textured surface of the handle. our hands do not slip. By overlooking, we see the 1/2-inch thick L-Shaped legs with full end panel supports and because of such supports, we don’t need levelers anymore.

The table is engineered from CARB certified MDF. With the sleek and durable material, this game is becoming popular day by day. Scoring unit is a manually sliding system and goal boxes with built-in automatic end ball return.

Let’s have a brief look at its Dimensions which are like 40.5 inches length, 23-inches width, and 1/4 inches thick MDF. The 3 goalies help to create resistance and ABS molded durable men.

Pinty 48″

The board is extremely durable and gives a balanced play time for plenty of hours. The legs are L-shaped with the full end panel supports, so, to level it up put the carpet beneath the table otherwise it will keep on shaking/moving.

Yeah, the configuration is immensely easy, simply assemble the table by reading the instructions specified over guidebook and go on with the games. Otherwise, you might have to redo the steps which will be proven as time-consuming or dangerous to the peripherals of the Pinty 48″ foosball table.

Now, it turns me to highlight the medium from which it is designed and that is MDF. Such a material gives it a longlasting durability. Secondly, the Steel rods are also intended for ensuring durability. So, for the aggressive players, this is a complete robust outcome. Keep playing with whatever your style is (normal, medium, aggressive).

Dimension wise Pinty soccer table has 48″ length, 32″ width and 23″ height. This is a swankiest and one of the best foosball table having the durable plastic players and magnificent but also convenient scoring unit.

Points to keep in mind are, don’t try to be overly smart while assembling the product, otherwise, you might have to face the cumbersome consequences. Read the instructions carefully and then apply your knowledge to find ultimate comfort.

HLC 4-ft Soccer Table

This is a fast-paced action foosball table with laminate finishing and built-in ball return system. Whatever a foosball enthusiast wants to have in his table, everything is present except only the glass holders. Otherwise, from every angle, this is really a level up soccer table.

If we mention about the dimensions, HLC 4-ft has 48″ length, 23-inches width, and 32-inches height with 23 kilograms of its total weight. So, we can have a notion now that this is the most likable product as it’s lightweight gives us enough room to replace its place whenever and wherever we want.

The MDF cabinet reinforces durability. With the foldable L-shaped leg, we can save the space. Isn’t it a unique feature which isolates from other tables available in such prices and donates superiority over them.

Primarily, the 0.5-inch chrome steel rods are strong enough to bear the aggression of a player. These solid rods are furnished with yellow and yellow-red players over them. Only one goalie is there in this game. Last but not the least, the HLC 40-ft Soccer Table comes with sliding scoring system.

This game includes all the accessories like 2 foosballs , 2 soccer balls, and 8 rubberized handles. The handles are comfortable to catch and do not hurt when forcefully strike the ball.

T&R Sports 4Ft/5Ft

T&R Sports soccer foosball table is the most luxurious table. It occupies almost everything a person might wish to see in a soccer table. For instance, durability and movability are enhanced with the MDF construction along with liftable 169.8 pounds weight.

The table is furnished with the wooden finish along with MDF graining decoration. Such a designing manner makes this gaming foosball table highly demanded in the market as this reflects to be a water-resistant and scratch-proof now. So place anywhere even in the rain and enjoy the session.

If the rods are not solid and the handles are not comfortable then this meets disappointments. But in the case of T&R Sports 4Ft/5Ftn, we don’t reach such a bad feelings as it contains robust and unbreakable 15mm steel rods and cozy catching handles.

This has a sliding scoring system and steel ball bearing. Also, has 4 glass holders of steel which are foldable. The players are solid and mountable which means we can configure the players on our own. With the height adjustable feet, we can adjust the height and also set the balance whatever the surface on which it is placed.

Now dimensionally, the length of the table is 55″, width is 30.7″, and height is 34.6″. Secondly, the playfields area is like 46″ and 26.7″. And one goalie is allowable in the playfield for both the competitors.

I would recommend this table if you are willing to spend this much money. The obvious reason is, the table remains patched to the earth and does not shake due to its heavy weight. I have used the multiple foosball tables which were luxurious but T&R  is one step ahead.

Giantex 47″

This specific table is constructed for extreme indoor amusement. Your surrounded individuals like family members, colleagues, and friends would be able to have a full of an exciting period with you.

The table has MDF frame with the PVC covering which means this becomes an alternative of durability. No fear of breaking as the Giantex has taken great care of robustness. This table is pretty much high for the kids but still 3-9 years old kids can play the game without any worry.

When it comes to the rods these are made of steel and have sliding bearings which let them easy rotations. Both sides have the glass holders which are made of plastic. The cup holder’s plastic material is not so much solid and can break off if gets speedily hits. Lastly, the sliding scoring units are available on both the sides.

Now here comes the Dimensions and these are fashioned like 47.6″ of length, 24″ width and 30.7″ height. So, put this Giantex 47″ into your rec room and go on with the full of an entertaining gaming session.

The players’ shirts are of white and red and one goalie is permitted. The last thing is, it is provided with the two foosballs which enter into the plastic cabinet when the goal happens.

We have reached the stage where we have to follow the precautions. For instance, we should check that all the players are present, screws are tightened, and a table is fully balanced.

Football Table Buyer’s Guide


Benefits of Best Foosball Table

Foosball is not just for fun, it can be an excellent instrument for kids to develop various skills, especially visual-motor coordination. Moreover, if the table is not finely constructed, the game won’t work very well. Investing in best foosball table is thus always a good idea.

Ideally, the table should weigh 70 pounds or more and in case the weight is lesser, the playing surface should be at least half an inch thick for the table to be durable enough for regular use. Note that the table should not be made of cheap particle board or plastic.

Wood and MDF are the best materials for construction but if they are not of good quality, the playing field will easily warp and become uneven. Similarly, the rods should be made of steel and they should be hollow inside.

Hollow rods are lighter than solid rods, thus allowing quicker and smoother moves. Other than this, it should have levelers on the base, so that even if it is used on an uneven floor, the game play remains fair. With these points in mind, you can easily identify the best foosball table that helps you get the most out of the game.

Downsides of Foosball Tables

Foosball is an addictive indoor game and does not require much physical activity, which is not very desirable for young kids who like staying indoors. Other than this, the only downside is that good quality foosball tables are expensive. Though there are affordable options too, they do not last for more than a couple of years. So, the durable tables are costly and those that are more convenient or light on pocket aren’t of much use.


This was the list of top-notch foosball tables which are best and durable enough. We met with many experts and have included these tables in our list. Our full try was to cover as many tables as possible keeping in mind the budget and requirements of modren day foosball game.

This is not the final list of best foosball tables we can still add and remove some tables from this list as well. So if you will suggest us any table by commenting below in the box we would love to review that as well and will try our best to include that table in our next update.

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