Are you wondering why you’re still not performing well in your favorite game of ping pong or table tennis? If you’re still not satisfied with your ping pong paddle, then this article can be very much supportive of you. Whether you’re a beginner or a pro in the sport of ping pong or table tennis, having the best ping pong paddle that suits your needs is key to effective gameplay.

The problem, however, is that there are just too many paddles to choose from in the market and finding the perfect ping pong paddle that fulfills your demands and your budget can be quite a challenge. Fortunately, we have just the solution for that. In this article, we’ll feature all your best choices along with some tips and hints on how to find youreal ping pong paddle.​

In A Hurry? This Is The Best:
Best Overall
Killerspin Jet 800 Table Tennis Paddle, Professional Ping Pong Paddle, Table Tennis Racket with Carbon Fiber Blade, Nitrx Rubber Grips Ping Pong Balls, Memory Box for Storage - Red & Black
  • PROFESSIONAL GRADE EQUIPMENT: Professional table tennis paddle provides exceptional grip on ball strikes and heavy spin on serves during ping pong play
  • SUPERIOR CONSTRUCTION: Blade consists of 7-ply composite wood and carbon fiber for aggressive table tennis play, while Nitrx rubber controls direction of ping pong ball
  • PERFORMANCE RATINGS: Control: 7.5, Spin: 9, Power: 9 - This table tennis racket is ITTF-approved for use in competition
  • PERSONALIZED MEMORY BOOK: Store your ping pong paddle in a gift-worthy storage case and record scores, collect signatures, and write personalized messages
  • DIMENSIONS: Flared handle table tennis paddle measures 6" x 6 1/8"

Among the most popular ping pong paddle choice today, the Killerspin JET800 is outstanding because of its elegant and high- look which makes the user look like a pro.Its main features include the Nitrx 4z rubber which proves a better level of maneuverability and flexibility when doing serves and when dealing with spinny shots. It also offers the user an added control when blocking shots and when making counters.

The Nitrix 4z of this paddle is also paired with a powerful blade whose durability as well as efficiency has been proven through years. The blade comes with a dual layer composition composing of carbon fiber and plys of high-quality wood. With these materials, you’ll get both durabilities and at the same time flexibility.

It also comes with a Memory Book which allows you to collect signatures and even scores while playing your favorite game of Ping Pong. It even saves messages as well as let you protect your equipment. Although it is made out of high-quality materials such as carbon fiber, it is rather cheap which is why many users prefer this paddle over others.


  • Made out of carbon fiber and layers of premium wood.
  • Comes with a 1-month manufacturer’s warranty.
  • With Nitrx rubber for power shots.
  • Highly durable.
  • With Memory Book which protects your paddle and at the same time collect scores, messages, and even signatures.


  • Doesn’t support global shipping.
  • Heavy.

STIGA Pro Carbon

STIGA Pro Carbon Performance-Level Table Tennis Racket with...
  • Performance-Level Table Tennis Racket
  • ITTF Approved Rubber for Tournament Play
  • Features Carbon Technology for Power and Speed
  • Performance Ratings- Speed: 99 Spin: 100 Control: 80
  • 7-Ply Extra Light Blade, S5 Rubber, and 2mm Sponge

One material which has become a norm when talking about Ping Pong paddles is carbon fiber. This is because of its high resistance to stress, scratching, and pressure. Another crowd-favorite that makes use of carbon fiber is the Stiga Pro Carbon paddle.

This paddle comes with not only one carbon fiber layer but two layers which are incorporated in the blade delivering added durability, power and at the same time speed. It even features the Nano Composite Technology which proves a tighter as well as stronger bond in the rubber which contributes to increased power as well as speed.

Additionally, the Stiga Pro Carbon paddle also features the ACS microscopic air-capsules incorporated in its light rubber which proves increased elasticity as well as a better level of control and maneuverability. The blade balance is concentrated over the balls’ point of contact for added power and speed. Lastly, the blade weight is greatly reduced for faster recovery and recoil after making a hit.


  • Professional level Ping Pong paddle.
  • Comes with ITTF-approved rubber recommended for tournament games.
  • Makes use of high-quality carbon fiber for increased power and speed.
  • Easy to control.
  • Features a 7-layered light blade.


  • Lightweight may not be recommended for hard hits or shots.
  • Expensive.

STIGA Supreme

STIGA Supreme Performance-Level Table Tennis Racket made...
  • Performance-Level Table Tennis Racket
  • ITTF Approved Rubber for Tournament Play
  • Features STIGA ACS for Control and Speed
  • Performance Ratings- Speed: 90 Spin: 92 Control: 89
  • 6-Ply Extra Light Blade, Future Inverted Rubber, and 2mm Sponge

Another paddle in the Stiga family of paddles that is worth adding to this list is the Stiga Supreme. Just like its long line of performance level paddles, this paddle also boasts features that far outmatch its competitions.

It features an Anatomic Italian Composite Rubber along with a Future Inverted sponge in its thin blade. The blade is composed of 6 layers of extra light carbon which features the tube technology that allows for lightweight but at the same time added power and speed.

About hardness and durability, the Stiga Supreme is also one to be noted because of its patented Crystal Technology which hardens the blade surface. As an effect, the hardened surface increases the speed of the shots and allows the user to recover quickly.

And just like its predecessors, Stiga paddles are a popular choice because of their balance as well as the good level of control. The same goes with the Stiga Supreme which allows any user – even the beginner could look like a pro.


  • Professional level Ping Pong paddle.
  • With ITTF-approved rubber commonly used for official games.
  • With patented ACS for better speed and control.
  • More affordable than professional paddle brands and models.
  • With 6-ply light blade along with future inverted rubber.


  • Not very durable handle.
  • Maybe too light which reduces power.

Killerspin JET600

One more Ping Pong paddle that is worth mentioning in this list is the Killerspin JET600 with its impressively balanced design that makes it effortless to handle. It comes with a blade that is engineered for efficiency, durability, and performance in mind. Its 5-layered premium wood allows for portability and lightweight for easier control.

Also, the Killerspin JET600 comes with a dense base which allows for accurate placement and power out of every shot. While this paddle is highly recommended for experts and the pros because of its sophisticated design, it is also quite easy to use and handle for beginning Ping Pong enthusiasts.

The handle is designed with a soft-feel feature which makes each hard hit light and without pressure on the hands. The main focus of the Killerspin JET600’s design is to heighten the aggressiveness of the paddle however still prove a flexible and comfortable usability and maneuverability for the user.


  • Recommended for experts and pros, however, can also be used by beginners.
  • Comes with ITTF approved rubber.
  • With five layers of wood on the blade for light and shock absorption.
  • Enables short recovers.
  • Available with a 1-month manufacturer’s warranty.


  • Surface may tear off easily upon constant use and abuse.
  • Flimsy rubber portion.


If you prefer the shakehand style of the best ping pong paddle, then you can also opt for the DHS Hurrican-II. It is also among the common preference by both beginners and experts because of its versatility as well as flexibility over the backhand se. It allows for better maneuverability as well as control and enables the user to create various gripping techniques.

Unlike many other paddle brands and models, this specific paddle is designed primarily for offense since it focuses on delivering fast spins and speed. It can also be used for defensive purposes, however, would require a good level of playing skills and experience in handling such types of paddles. Whenever you see this paddle, you’ll be sure that the player is on the offensive and about to score.

Since it is made for offense, it is made more sensitive to deliver more accurate spins and power. It is also commonly used in tournament games, however, can also be used by beginners proved that it requires a bit of getting used to.


  • A shakehand racket which is more for the pros but can also be used by beginners through practice.
  • With red and black design.
  • Comes with cover and free pair of balls in the package.
  • Builds power and speed for offense.
  • Long lasting performance even on constant use.


  • Has a bit of rubber small that doesn’t go away easily.
  • Wood center portion of the blade is too soft which makes it prone to chipping.

Killerspin JET200

If you’ve fallen in love with the long line of Killerspin paddles that guarantees durability and excellent performance, you’ll also definitely love its newest paddle which is the Killerspin JET200. It is also dubbed the best-selling paddle in the market today because of its five ply premium wood layer paired with performance rubbers which makes every shot simple, effortless but at the same time powerful.

This newest model of the Killerspin JET series is designed to be much better than its predecessors. It comes with perfectly balanced weight and also engineered for any type of player whether offensive or defensive. Furthermore, it proves easy control and maneuverability which allows the player to perform various techniques and grips when playing.

It is also a favorite by many pros because of itsic look which features a green and black rubber combination that adds flair and style to any game. Also, it comes with a 1-month manufacturer’s warranty which proves you enough time to test out the product


  • Comes with five layers of premium for durability and at the same time flexibility.
  • With memory book that allows you to store scores, messages as well as signatures.
  • Comes withic color choices.
  • Durable and flared handle.
  • With one month manufacturer’s warranty.


  • Not recommended when using for hard hits.
  • Maybe too heavy for beginners.

STIGA Evolution

If you’re still not impressed with the earlier mentioned model of the paddle from STIGA, you’ll be sure to find what you’re looking for in the STIGA evolution paddle. Unlike its predecessors, it comes designed with a shock dispersion feature and tube absorbers that relive the whole unit of vibrations and shocks. Immediately after every hit, the paddle disperses the energy and allows faster recovery and lesser shaking.

The same as all STIGMA models of paddles, it comes designed with the Nano Composite technology featuring tighter as well as stronger bonds within the rubber component for increased speed and ball spin. It even features the ACS micro air capsules in the rubber components which delivers a balanced level of elasticity which any player needs to make powerful hits and sophisticated maneuvers.

Additionally, the weight is balanced and shifted towards the contact of the ball for easy but yet powerful hits. The handle also features a unique characteristic among its predecessors through its strategically positioned recess that proves better grip and control.


  • Professional level type of paddle.
  • Comes ITTF approved and is recommended for tournament games.
  • With SDT or Shock Dispersion Technology for lesser vibrations and shakes.
  • Designed with six layers of premium wood.
  • Light.


  • Expensive.
  • Not very durable.

Butterfly 401 Shakehand

Last but certainly not the least is the Butterfly 401 Shakehand. The motto of this particular paddle is that you shake hands with your opponent after every game and smile because you’ve ended up victorious. It simply means that every game is a guaranteed win – proved you have the right skill set and the right tools. It comes designed with the patented Butterfly Yuki rubber along each se of the paddle. The Yuki rubber offers optimum flexibility and control which proves various kinds and techniques of ball spins and control.

It comes with a soft sponge layer which proves just enough flexibility and spring out of every ball hit. Users also prefer this specific paddle model because of its acknowledged years of reliability. For 40 years, Butterfly paddles have been a trusted choice whenever consering the best Ping Pong paddle that is sure to last for long years even on constant use. Also, it is an excellent choice for the paddle that proves the flexibility which both the expert and beginner are looking for.


  • Lightweight and durable even upon constant use.
  • Comes ITTF approved and recommended for tournament games.
  • Designed with the patented Yuki rubber for flexibility.
  • Excellent grip design and control.
  • Can be whenever making sophisticated hits, grips and paddling techniques.
  • Affordable.


  • May still be a bit too heavy for beginners.
  • Sticky rubber surface.

Things to Conser When Buying the Best Ping Pong Paddle

To make sure you’re making the right sure despite knowing the specific model of the best ping pong paddle to use, you also need to bear in mind these few conserations. These conserations will allow you to narrow down your choices and gauge if your chosen model of paddle listed in the choices is right for your needs.

Paddle construction

There are four parts of the paddle that you need to bear in mind that is the rubber or sponge, top sheet, handle and the blade. The exterior of the paddle is the top sheet which is made out of rubber for better and faster bounce. The sponge is the core of the paddle that is glued within layers of wood.

The blade, on the other hand, is made out of wood which is also the same as the handle. While most parts are made out of wood and rubber, it is also important to note that each material is unique and has certain features that no other product does. Make sure to note the kinds of materials used as it will contribute greatly to the overall durability of the product.

Blade Thickness

The blade thickness will depend on a lot of conserations and factors. Among the factors will be on the techniques used by the player, if the player prefers a light or heavy paddle, the grip, the size, and many other factors. For beginners, the recommended thickness should be as thin as possible to allow for lighter weight and faster recoveries. On the other hand, you can opt for 6 or 7 layers of wood to increase the thickness if you want more power and are sure of the techniques to use whenever delivering powerful shots.

Blade Weight

Just as mentioned earlier, the lighter blade weight is recommended for newbies or beginners since it proves them with better control while they get used to the sport or specific paddle. Heavy blades would be best to use for professionals since they already have anea on how to adjust with the paddles’ added weight.

Type of grip

There are two types of grip, one is the shakehand grip, and the other one is the penhold grip. The shakehand grip is commonly used by Westerners since it delivers heavier and more powerful hits along with faster balls spins. The penhold grip on the other hand which is also a common preference by Easterners prove better accuracy and delivers speedy brushing strokes.

Sponge/Rubber type

Among the two types of rubbers used in Ping Pong paddles are the reverse rubber and the pips out rubber. Both prove optimum elasticity designed for the sport, however, differs on their function. While the reverse rubber is made to creating a we variety of shots, the pips out rubber is best for intercepting and deflecting powerful offense from opponents. While both paddles differ in function, they can be flexible through various grip techniques.

Benefits of Carbon Vs. Wood Ping Pong Blades

One more thing to note when buying the best Ping Pong paddle is the composition of your paddle. The traditional and common composition out of paddles is the wooden paddle that has been known and tested to deliver powerful yet accurate shots during a game. The newer variation on the other is the Carbon paddle which guarantees optimum durability and toughness.

There are quite a lot benefits for each kind of paddle, and it is important that you also conser them before making a purchase.

The newer type of blade which is made from carbon proves faster spins which are best suited for professional players. Additionally, it is made from durable material that can last for years even upon constant use and abuse of the paddle. This kind of paddle can also be quite heavy which a common requirement by pro players is whenever they are making aggressive offense hits.

The wooden paddle, on the other hand, is more of the cheaper choice among the two. It offers flexibility and lightness which allows for ease of use, comfort and faster recovery after making a powerful hit or after deflecting an offensive attack. By consering the number of wood layers in the paddle, you can either have a lighter paddle or a heavier one.

Final Thought

The best part about the paddles mentioned in this list of the best ping pong paddle is that they are all user-friendly and can both be used by beginners as well as professionals. Also, they are all reasonably priced and at the same time guaranteed to last a long time even from constant use.

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