Greatest WWE Wrestlers Of All TimeSome of the people like me have a great curiosity to know about the wrestlers who really get huge fame and also how much money they earned and most importantly how many times they became the face of the WWE. I personally created a list of ten wrestlers who are my favorite of all time and as I searched for them they earned a lot of money from WWE and they have a great number of fans throughout the world as well.

CM Punk ( Philip Jack ‘phil’ Brooks )

When I called the name of CM Punk, the first thing that comes into my mind is “Best in the World”. Yes, he was and always would be. He is the greatest of all time. He has a record of being a champion for 434 days. That’s the reason he is longest time champion of the recent generation wrestlers. Finally here comes The Rock and came to an end to CM Punk’s reign of the championship at Royal Rumble 2013.
He left WWE in 2014 due to having some clashes with the COO of the company Triple H and the chairman of the company Vince McMahon. But, still I would say he is “Best in the World”. Phil is three times WWE World Heavy Weight Champion.
For 434 days when he hold the championship, he defeated each and every wrestler in lock room, for example, Mark Henry, The Miz, Alberto Del Rio, John Cena, The Big Show, The Demon Kane and so many others.
This man defended his WWE championship almost in each and every week. I can remember that although he defends his championship every week but still he had no complaint or fear on his face. This brave wrestler’s last WrestleMania match was against the UnderTaker which he lost.

John Cena ( John Felix Anthony Cena )

Golden Boy John Cena is still the part of WWE. But one thing that is irritating for the fans is “Would Cena be able to get a title shot to become 16 times champion of the WWE World Heavy Weight?”. John is the 15 times WWE champion. If I say that no wrestler has enough guts to face Cena will not be wrong.
He is Five-times United States Champion and four-time World Tag Team Champion. Anthony Cena is 2012 Money in the Bank Winner, two times Royal Rumble Winner, and Three Times Superstar of the Year Slammy Award winner. The most memorable and historical matches are Wrestlemania 29 and Wrestlemania 30 against The Rock.
Wrestlemania 31 was against The Russian Wrestler Alexender Russive. It was for United States Championship and for the honour of USA. The winner of this match was Anthony Cena. The Most tensive tenure for Cena was Wrestlemania29 against The Rock as Cena could not do the job done.
But John Cena Won 2014 Royal Rumble 30 man contest match and made a way to get a match at Wrestlemania30. Now he had two choices whether he could get a chance to fight for the World Heavy Weight Championship or for WWE Championship against The Rock and he chose WWE Championship to get a revenge from The Rock.
Wrestlemania30 proved to be a history making for both the superstars. Cena got almost 3-4 rock bottoms by Rocky and The Rock got one Rock Bottom and almost 5-6 AA’s by Cena. Cena won this match and gave a huge respect to the movie star.

Undertaker ( Mark William Calaway )

Now you know what I would say about him, yes, you are right “The Streak”,” The Dead Man”,”The Phenom”. Whatever the appreciations you have fit into him. He fought against so many remarkable wrestlers. But I have a match which is just to say WOW, how he can do so? great stamina etc, “Wrestlemania28 Triple H vs The Undertaker with a special guest referee,“Mr. Wrestlemania”, Shawn Michael.
He had 23 WrestleMania matches and won 22 with a loss of one. The one match which actually get an end to his streak was against Brock Lesnar. It was Wrestlemania30. This match shocked the world. It provided UnderTaker with 13 injuries. That took Undertaker near about one year to recover from these serious kinds of injuries.
Wrestlemania25 was against Shawn Michael about which undertaker said,”Once I felt that Shawn Would be the better man and streak would be ended”, but somehow Taker managed to win this match.
Wrestlemania26 was a rematch taken by Mr Wrestlemania. This match was added with a stipulation,” Career Ended”, means that if Shawn lost he would have to say goodbye to WWE for life. Again Undertaker won the day and Shawn goes off forever from WWE. Wrestlemania27 and 28 were against the friend of Shawn Triple H and HHH also had to see the face of defeat.

The Rock ( Dwayne Douglas Jhonson )

The Personality of personalities, the celebrity of celebrities, the God of wrestling “The Rock”. He is Ten-time WWE World Heavy Weight champion, two-time Intercontinental Champion, five times WWF Tag Team Champion.
He always appears and tells us a new interesting story. The Rock comes with a signature and phrase “If you Smell What the Rock is Cookin’ ”. The Rock is also a winner of 2000 Royal Rumble. This man has almost six WrestleMania matches.
Dwayne The Rock Jhonson’s most remarkable match are: in 2002 when he lost WWE Championship against The Beast, Wrestlemania19 against Stone Cold Steve Austin and Wrestlemania29 and 30 against John Cena.
I enlisted these matches into my favourite column of my dictionary. I want him to wrestle against Brock one more time.

Brock Lesnar ( Brock Edward Lesnar )

The most terrifying and dangerous of all time in the history of sports entertainment often called as “The Beast Incarnate” the Brock Lesnar. This force of troops actually ended the Undertaker’s greatest Wrestlemania streak ever at Wrestlemania30. He remained the part of UFC as well.
This man is now named as “The Suplex City”. Lesnar made so many wrestlers helpless while wrestling against this symbol of force, for example, The Undertaker, The John Cena, Stone Cold Steve Austin, The Big Show, Mark Henry, Roman Reigns, Dean Ambrose, Triple H, CM Punk and so on.
The Beast is Four-time WWE World Heavy Weight Champion, former UFC World Heavy Weight Champion, in 2002 “King of the Ring” contest winner. What makes me like this man so much was the match against John Cena when I actually saw him for the first time ever at “Extreme Rules” in 2012 although he lost this match to Cena.
F5, Suplexes and then when he grabs the arm and break it, these are the specialities of this guy. Lesnar Broke Triple H’s arm in 2012 not once but twice. For me, it was a horrible moment to watch triple H mourning in the middle of the ring. He also cracked the arm of Cena in 2012 at “Extreme Rules” paper view.
If you ask me who is the greatest entertainer in WWE?, my answer would be, “The Beast Incarnate”, Brock Lesnar.

Daniel Bryan ( Bryan Lloyd Danielson )

The Beards made his name by his own. No favouritism by authority or any other millionaire like Vince MchMohen. Danielson gets married to Brie Bella. Daniel was not a good wrestler when he came into WWE in 1999. But 2010-2015 this man get a huge fame throughout the World. Nowadays he is known almost by each and every man in the world.
He is trained by the,“Mr Wrestlemania”, Shawn Michaels. Bryan became three Times WWE World Heavy Weight Champion. In addition, this guy also became one time Tag Team Champion being a part of “Team Hell NO”. Daniel is the winner of Superstar of the Year in 2013 Slammy Awards.
The most memorable moment regarding his throughout career was Wrestlemania30 in 2014. He fought two matches at this biggest paper view of WWE, first was against Triple H with a stipulation that if he wins he would be provided with a WWE World Heavy Weight Championship opportunity in a triple threat match against “The Viper” Randy Orton and “The Animal” Batista and he won and fought another match and yes he won and became the WWE World Heavy Weight Champion.
This little guy gets a peak of fame and known as “Yes Movement”. But as a so called authority has always a “Plan B”, Kane put him in a neck injury and this A+ player was straight sent to the hospital. He passed through tens of or hundreds of neck surgeries and recovered and returned to WWE again and won the Intercontinental Championship and then after some weeks Sheamus Brogue Kicked him.
This brogue Kick was so harmed that Bryan, “The Summation Specialist”, could not recover and retired from WWE in February 2016. I miss him so so much nowadays. One more thing he is also the winner of 2011 “Money in the Bank” paper view.

Triple H ( Paul Michael Levesque )

Here comes,”The Game”,”Survival Accessing”, HHH. Recently servicing WWE as COO of the company and almost became part-time Wrestler. Paul is now 14 times WWE World Heavy Weight Champion. So many Wrestlemania moments. The most heart touching match was Wrestlemania28 versus “The Dead Man” Undertaker.
On this very moment, these two symbol of excellence wrestle almost for one an hour and Triple H was although defeated but still this match got a huge rating by wrestling fans. Triple H is Son-in-Law of Chairman of the company Vince MchMohen. HHH also was known as “King of Kings”.
This man fought against so many famous wrestlers like John Cena, Rick flair, Shawn Michaels, The Undertaker, Chris Jericho, The Rock, Stone Cold Steve Austin, The Beast and so on. Levesque had involved in so many brutal matches like Summer Slam 2013 against The Beast. Wrestlemania29 was against “The Beast” Brock Lesnar and, of course, HHH won this match.
Wrestlemania31 was against Sting. This was Sting’s Debut match and Sting Lost. Triple H is the winner of 2016 Royal Rumble match and now become the WWE World Heavy Weight Champion. His Wrestlemania32 would be against “The Big Dog” Roman Reigns. Wrestlemania30 was against Daniel Bryan.
HHH is an abbreviation of Hunter Hearst Helmsley. He won Royal Rumble twice in his career in 2002 and 2016. He has still been won 25 championships including WWE and WWF.

Ric Flair ( Richard Morgan “Ric” Fliehr )

Most commonly known as the “The Nature Boy”. This God of wrestling made his name by becoming the 16 times WWE World Heavy Weight Champion. PWI awarded him Wrestle of the Year award for six times. He  had so many main events like Wrestlemania etc. In 1991, the Flair was the first WCW champion.
Ric became the part of WWF in 1991 and won his first ever WWF World Heavy Weight Championship. Then in !992 he won the Royal Rumble match. He fought his first Wrestlemania match against Randy Savage and it was Wrestlemania8 and got a beating from Randy. This match was a very harsh match of his career because he claimed that he had  secret relationships with Randy Savage’s wife.
Richard remained champion for 113 days before wrestlemania8 and then lost the championship to randy savage.
Flair returned to WWE after near about 8-9 years and made a headline wrestlemania18 in 2002 against “The Phenom” the Undertaker. And again lost his biggest event of all time to the Undertaker. This was the most brutal match of his career.
Wrestlemania20 in 2004 was against Booker T and Rob Van Dam. This match was for the tag team championship. Evolution includes two greatest of all time, Ric Flair and Batista. This man remained part of WCW, WWE and TNA.

Stone Cold Steve Austin ( Steve James Williams )

I’m gonna have a great fun to talk about this “Snake”. The most interesting thing to know about Austin is that this man proved to be the most profitable factor for WWE. He was an eccentric wrestler I would say. Austin holds 19 championships throughout his career. Stone Cold had  involved in so many rivalries.
Steve’s most memorable rivalry was against the Boss of the company Vince MchMohen and the Rock. The Rock was his greatest rival. Wrestlemania17 was against The Rock. This was a championship match. Wrestlemania17 made a history for Steve because this guy won the championship and became a WWE World Heavy Weight Champion.
Wrestlemania15 was also against The Rock and it was also for the Championship. Austin and The Rock entertained the people so much. These two showcases were seemed to be in a war of chairs. This was the era of Rock Bottoms and Stunners. But eventually stunner got a bigger hand and James won the championship.
Austin’s Wrestlemania19 opponent was again The Rock. This time, The Rock was fully prepared to face this symbol of force. You guys know it was the most valuable match for me because wrestler like Austin was not easy to make feel defeated. Yes, I accept that beating is also the part of life but this was not the victory of The Rock it was the victory of Austin over the hearts of millions and millions of the people worldwide.
Austin bear three consecutive Rock Bottoms by The Rock. When The Rock felt that these are not enough for the “Snake”, he awarded Cold with another Rock Bottom and got Victory over greatest of greatest Stone Cold Steve Austin.

Shawn Michaels ( Michael Shawn Hickenbottom )

The nickname of this guy is so many i. e. “The HeartBreak Kid”,”Sexy Boy”,”Mr Wrestlemania”,” The Best of the Best”,”The Icon” And much more.
HBK is one time World Heavy Weight Champion, 3 times WWE World Heavy Weight Champion, one-time WWE Tag Team Champion, 15 times Slammy awards winner and 2 times Royal Rumble winner.
The founder of D-Generation X. Shawn’s career was ended by The UnderTaker at Wrestlemania26. But this match was just extraordinary. Both the superstars performed excellently.
The Sexy Boy has five Wrestlemania moments. The best of match of his life was in 1993 against Marty Jennety on Monday Night Raw which later on got an award of match of the year. This match isn’t so close to my heart as much as Wrestlemania25 and Wrestlemania26 against one on one the great on The UnderTaker.

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